On this website

This website aims to promote products and services of businesses in Brackley and the surrounding area to consumers within their catchment area, and to others who are considering visiting Brackley and the surrounding area.

1) Simple listing
Have your business listed with no link – this is free of charge
Note: The free listing is for retail outlets/offices that are consumer facing  on the Market Place and High Street, Lark Rise, etc. that are in the SHOP Categories. All other businesses need to be a member of BIB.

2) Listing with link
£10 monthly Standing Order (SO) Membership linked to your own website/Facebook page

a) Your information always being accurate
b) Mentions in tweets, highlights in articles
c) Discounts on monthly adverts
d) Free business editorial with first months advert

3) Subpage
If you don’t have a Facebook page or a website, for an extra £5.50 a month, (£15.50 monthly Standing Order) have a subpage on this website (some updates included). Visit: http://www.brackleymarkettown.uk/the-flower-pot/ for an example subpage.

» Click here to download a Membership form.

4) Adverts
You don’t need to be a member to have an advert!!

Price on request ranging from £35 to £50 per month with artwork included.
Amendments: free of charge to £5 (no VAT).

Specification info and graphics will be supplied by Pinsah Design.

Terms & Conditions
i) Regular monthly changes/updates – keeping the site refreshed

ii) All the adverts will be placed in the sidebars as per Brackley Photographic on http://www.brackleymarkettown.uk/shops/ Draft image and sign off required along with payment in full before live on website.

iii) Draft image and sign off required along with payment in full before live on website.

iv) All invoiced through www.businessInformationBureau.co.uk – all VAT free!!

v) Advert details required: Any specific colours required, advert text, your logo and and any other images required.
If you want to provide your own advert the size needs to be: W: 768mm H: 948mm

vi) Please email contact@brackleymarkettown.uk with your details or Purchase Order (PO) and I will raise a pro-forma Invoice.